Wedding Bells

-By Dee

Well, it’s official, we are husband and wife! How weird.


Most wedding days are magical and special, but our nomadic situation and distance from friends and family made our ‘Special Day’ unusual, nonetheless extraordinary. (It was also my birthday—best birthday ever.)

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The setting, at Capricorn Holiday Park in Carnarvon, was more magical than we could have planned if we’d had months and months.

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The owners, Jodie and Haydn and assistant manager, Michelle, got right into the spirit of the affair, transforming the front garden into a fairy-tale venue, whipping up an enthusiastic rent-a-crowd by inviting everyone in the park,  and putting on a ‘Pizza Night’ for the occasion.

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Yes, they all really went the extra mile. Haydn even walked me down the aisle!

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We’d met our witnesses on Facebook a couple weeks earlier, and they collected a small wedding party as they made their way to Carnarvon, like nomad Pied Pipers.

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We all introduced ourselves the day before our wedding. Everyone was getting very excited to come to our wedding, even though we really didn’t know any of them!

Our friends and family may not have been able to get there in person, but they were certainly there in spirit. Thank you to Rod’s siblings, nieces and nephews for organising a professional photographer, an amazing rainbow layered wedding cake, a spectacular bunch of flowers and a hand-picked case of top shelf red wine, along with several letters that were read out at the ceremony. Not to mention the phone calls, emails and Facebook messages that flowed in all day from family and friends.

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(Interesting fact: the local Carnarvonites were intrigued by the lush bouquet of fresh flowers that appeared on the day, as there is no florist in town. Even my wedding bouquet and the boutonnieres were silk selections from Toyworld.)

We had surrounded ourselves with a few items to bring them close to us, too. Rod wore his dad’s Macdonald tartan tie, we had Jenny’s hand-crafted wall hanging, made with material that belonged to their mum, Blossom. The ring box was an exquisite timber ‘Fibonacci’ box, created by Rod’s bro-in-law, Roger, and gifted to him by his sister Kathy. My ‘something blue’ was the first present that John and Karen Macdonald gave me, a necklace presented at Christmas, 13 years ago!

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When we first planned to get married in Carnarvon, we thought it was going to be a very quick and simple ceremony, just to make it all legal, with the celebrant and a couple of witnesses. I tell you, I felt like the most special princess on my wedding day. And the groom was my very dapper shining prince.

It all seems like a dream now. A wonderful memory to savour as long as we live.

Personally, after 13 years together, I didn’t think it was going to feel all that different to be ‘legally wed.’ But it does. Better.

Kurrajong 27th May Sunset_6_1024x547_1024x547

To me, our relationship feels refreshed by the public promises we made, and deeper from the thirteen years of experiences we’ve shared.

And I am so chuffed to be part of the loving Macdonald clan.

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The gratitude list could well start there. Thank you to my new family, for all of the thoughtful gifts and surprises and love on our special day. We could honestly feel you there with us.

Thank you to the owners of the Capricorn Holiday Park, Jodie and Haydn who embraced the event wholeheartedly. You are our champions! And Michelle, who provided her wedding expertise to add those special touches that made for a magical night.

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Thank you to everyone who sent us messages on Facebook and by email. Cyberspace was buzzing with your love and good vibes.

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Facebook snip

And fate could not have given us better witnesses than Jan and Merv. I think Jan was almost as excited as we were about the wedding. From beginning to end, it felt like they were enjoying and embracing the event as close family. Their presence was more of a comfort than I could express at the time.


Thank you to everyone who attended, including those who changed their travel plans to be able to share the occasion with us. You were the finest rent-a-crowd we could have wanted.

You will all forever be a part of our history.

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