End Of The Road

It has finally happened. Leo and The Wombat have reached the end of the road! We can’t go any further…….at least in a southerly direction.

Cockle Creek_1_877x768

We have now been on the road on our journey into the unknown for 140 days and have travelled 11,437 kms. It has been an amazing adventure filled with so many magical moments.

We are currently camped at Cockle Creek south of Southport. It is a beautiful place in the Southwest National Park, part of Tasmania’s Wilderness World Heritage Area. This is as far south as you can drive in Australia – 43 degrees 39 minutes latitude in case you were wondering.

We have been here a couple of nights so far, going for little walks and trying to keep warm.

Cockle Creek_1_1024x467

Cockle Creek flows into Recherche Bay, a lovely sheltered harbour that has seen a lot of interesting, but at times, very brutal human history.

Cockle Creek_1024x683

The weather is looking more promising this morning to do the walk down to the South East Cape to see if we can see Antarctica from there. Even if we can’t I am pretty sure that we will see some ice bergs.

Cockle Creek_5_1024x623

After we leave here it is off to Bruny Island before heading up the East coast to catch the “Spirit” back to the mainland on the 22nd.

Life is good. I hope that all is well in your lives too.

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