Climb Every Mountain

Ever since I became the first left handed, sexagenarian Australian bloke to climb Mount Everest single-handedly, without oxygen or Sherpas (I did have a bit of assistance from Photoshop), I have had a passion for hiking to high places on our journey Into the Unknown. Over the past six months, I have had the great pleasure of … [Read more…]

Ta Ta Tassie!

Well the time has finally come. Time to explore new horizons. We have had the utmost pleasure in travelling around Tasmania for the past 83 days. In that time we have, amazingly, done over 6,000 KM.  During this time we have got to experience a lot of tastes of what Tassie has to offer. However, … [Read more…]

The Tarkine

I am sitting here on a friend’s verandah on the east coast of Tasmania, very aware that we only have one more week in Tasmania. It’s a time of mixed feelings: excitement about our plans on the mainland and sadness to leave this magnificent state. Our time in The Tarkine was fantastic, with some of … [Read more…]

Bye Bye Bruny

Greetings from a glorious summer morning on Bruny Island. Tasmania has finally decided to turn on some lovely warm weather for us after two and a half months of challenging conditions where the temperature rarely climbed above 20 degrees and we had to be constantly aware that whatever the weather was it would probably change … [Read more…]

End Of The Road

It has finally happened. Leo and The Wombat have reached the end of the road! We can’t go any further…….at least in a southerly direction. We have now been on the road on our journey into the unknown for 140 days and have travelled 11,437 kms. It has been an amazing adventure filled with so … [Read more…]

Touring Tasmania

Happy New Year from Tasmania! Let’s add Season’s Greetings and Happy Birthday to anyone born in the last month. That’s right, unbelievable as it may sound, we have been in Tassie for over a month! We have explored northern Tasmania, from the east coast to the west, covering around 3000 k’s (just under a third … [Read more…]