Nine & a Half Weeks

Here we are, one more day to go before we head to Tasmania, a first for Ebb, Flow, Leo and the Wombat! I thought it must be time to fill you in on what we’ve been up to. Firstly, before you ask, we have now travelled just over 6000 k’s. In my last post, I mentioned … [Read more…]

40 Days & 40 Nights

When last we saw our happy campers, they were leaving the Broken Hill area for Mungo National Park, with a stopover at Menindee Lakes. With the last of their assets sold and converted to cash, they are unencumbered and debt-free.   They have now travelled over 3000 kilometres. Our “quick stopover” in Menindee ended up … [Read more…]

Settling In

Here we are, settled in to our little Hidey-Hole at Penrose Park, Silverton for a few extra days, while Leo gets a new pinion seal installed in Broken Hill. We planned our arrival to Broken Hill (30 km east from here) to coincide with our property settlement, which all went very smoothly. Yippee! We now … [Read more…]

One Week In

Hello from way out west, The “first week of the rest of our lives” has been very eventful and pleasant indeed. We have ended up in our chosen venue, one “Pump Hole” camping area in the most beautiful National Park in the world! We have certainly managed to evade all the hordes of holiday-makers, as … [Read more…]


Welcome to Diane and Rod’s Journey Into The Unknown. We have created this to share stories and photos of our journey as we travel around this amazing land of Australia. We will do our best to paint a picture in words and pictures that will evoke the beauty of the places that we travel through. … [Read more…]