Bye Bye Bruny

Greetings from a glorious summer morning on Bruny Island. Tasmania has finally decided to turn on some lovely warm weather for us after two and a half months of challenging conditions where the temperature rarely climbed above 20 degrees and we had to be constantly aware that whatever the weather was it would probably change dramatically soon. I did kind of enjoy that though – except for all the gear I had to carry when going on walks.

We have been on Bruny for three nights and have managed to tick of most of the must do things on our list.

  • Got to see Fairy Penguins ( a little disappointing as there were heaps of people with a fair smattering of fucking idiots with bright lights, load voices, and bright clothes).
  • Got to treat our taste buds with local oysters and beer at the Bruny Pub……yum
  • Got to have lovely close encounter with white Bennett’s Wallaby

Bruny Island_8_1024x531

  • Got to watch the sunrise from the top of the Truganini Steps on The Neck all by myself

The Neck_8_545x768

  • Got to enjoy being at the stunning Cape Bruny Lighthouse

Bruny Island_1024x683

  • Got to go on a number of magical walks with beautiful views

Bruny Island Lighthouse_1_1024x468

This morning we heading back to “the mainland” and will stay at our friend’s place at Carlton just east of Hobart for a couple of nights before heading on up the east coast – getting to Devonport to catch our boat back to Melbourne on the 22nd .

It’s a hard life, but someone’s got to do it. Hope all is going great in your lives.

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