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We are Rod and Diane (Dee), sometimes known as Eb and Flo. We have been together for over a dozen years, discovering a love for the Australian Outback early in our relationship.

Since then, we have taken every opportunity to go travelling around Queensland and New South Wales with our wonderful 3-Dog Camper Trailer, dreaming of the day that we could “just keep going.”

Well, we bloody did it!

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Our Journey to December 2017

In September 2013, when life put a major bump in the road, we decided that it was time to seriously look at taking another route. We started throwing around crazy ideas…”you know what we COULD do? We could just retire, liquidate and go travelling. Get a proper caravan and live on the road for a while, until we find some amazing place to settle down.”

It did not seem like something that sane people would do.

And yet, 12 months later, every object in our life – every sock, piece of furniture, toothbrush, photo and utensil had been sold, given away, packed, backed up or stashed. Everything we own is in “Leo,” our Nissan Navara or “the Wombat,” our 16 ft., off-road New Age caravan. We have few commitments and  fewer plans.


There is no denying that we are on the adventure of a lifetime. It is exciting, scary and full of possibilities.  We are grateful beyond measure for every experience and every individual that led to this amazing journey.

We are a work in progress, and we are delighted to share our experience with you.ebnflo

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