Ta Ta Tassie!

Well the time has finally come. Time to explore new horizons. We have had the utmost pleasure in travelling around Tasmania for the past 83 days. In that time we have, amazingly, done over 6,000 KM.

Tasmania hema_770x768 During this time we have got to experience a lot of tastes of what Tassie has to offer. However, there remains lots of places that we didn’t manage to get to. And…..depending on the weather the feel of a place varies dramatically. I would like to come back in autumn  and be here during winter. Would be a very different experience and lots less people.

The last week we were here we spent most of it camped at a lovely spot called Moulting Lagoon near Freycinet National Park.

Moulting Lagoon_2_1024x520

Many people had told us that Freycinet was really beautiful and a must do while here. They were right. It is a very beautiful peninsula and offered a number of lovely walks including the very challenging one to the top of Mt Amos to take in the iconic birds eye view of Wineglass Bay.

Freycinet NP_12_1024x528Freycinet NP_20_1024x601

It is now Monday morning and have just woken up back on the big island at Ballan caravan park about 80km west of Melbourne. Lovely smooth sailing across the ditch yesterday.


Starting to try and get our heads around the plan for the next little while. We are heading for Ararat today to have a service done on Leo and explore the Grampions. We have a month to fill before meeting up with Diane’s aunty and hubby at Cape Otway.

A new chapter of our travels begins!

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