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For a number of years now we gleaned lots of useful information to help us, inspire us, inform us, and amuse us about aspects of life on the road from a variety of websites. One of our most popular sites is The Grey Nomads  . We also subscribed to their fortnightly newsletter, which we always look forward to receiving. Not only is it great to hear what other travellers are up to, we have even scored jobs and house sits from their classifieds.

In late January 2016 we were approached by The Grey Nomad Times  to be their most recent “Characters Of The Road”. How exciting! We were finally going to get our very own fifteen minutes of fame, at least within a small elect group of like minded folk.

Of course we jumped at the opportunity. They sent us a bunch of questions about our version of life on the road. We put our heads together and this is the result.

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